Some of the Issues that Face Arizona:


Jobs: Arizonans need jobs and a growing economy in order to help our citizens, our families and the success of our great state. More businesses and job opportunities, not higher taxes, will provide increased revenue for cities, counties and the state, and will help our ailing economy including our down real estate market.


Business Friendly: Job-killing government regulations must end. Arizona businesses need a business friendly environment in order to expand existing Arizona businesses, to create new Arizona businesses and to encourage businesses to relocate to our great state. Government jobs do not create the wealth and prosperity needed in our communities, private sector businesses create those jobs and prosperity.


Low Taxes: Arizona businesses and families need the lowest possible taxes, that are spent responsibility and prudently by our city, county, state and federal governments. Increasing taxes, especially during a recession, only prolongs our suffering and down economy.


Limited Government: Arizonans requires a small, limited government that abides by its enumerated Constitutional powers and mandates, and abides by the will of its people. American free market capitalism is the very best path to our prosperity.


Education: Arizona students and their parents require high quality education (not expensive education) and personal educational choices, that will generate results (such as higher GPA and graduate rates) and prepare our students to become successful, prosperous members of our society. Our schools need smaller administrative staffs and smaller overhead costs. Our terrific teachers need good salaries and rewards for their hard work and commitment to their student's quality education.


Healthcare: ObamaCare (ObamaTax), must be repealed, and replaced with true healthcare reforms, such as tort reform, greater choice through cross-state insurance company competition, less government regulation and strict criminal penalties for healthcare fraud and abuse.


Law and Order (safety): Arizonans require safe streets and communities, with responsive, professional law enforcement that protects our citizens, and responds appropriately to those who disrespect and break our laws.


Secured Borders: Arizonans require Constitutionally mandated secured, safe borders and legal immigration. If the federal government will not provide Arizona with safety from inconceivable border violence, machine-gun armed drug cartels and illegal immigration, then Arizona must sue the federal government early and often, and protect our Arizona borders by ourselves.


State's Rights and Sovereignty: During Arizona's Centennial, after becoming a state 100-years ago, it is high time that the federal government honor it's commitment to Arizona and its citizens by fulfilling all of the requirements of the 1911 Enabling Act, and give us back our sovereignty over Arizona land, air, water and mineral rights, just like all the other states that joined the union during the 18th and 19th centuries. In outrageous cases, such as where the U.S. Forest Service recently blocked the city of Tombstone from repairing its water wells that have been in use for over 130 years, Arizona sheriffs need to arrest federal agents whenever they harm the sovereign rights of our citizen's, especially concerning land, water and the right to earn a living. There's an old saying: "Arizonians don't fight over whiskey... we fight over water!"


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